Preparing Budget

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Preparing a Budget Request

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Preparing a Budget Request
Dear, City Council
As the chief of police for a midsized city of 75,000 residents, my crime is lower in the downtown area than in other parts of the city because of the population growth I need total of three new police officers even though I currently have 30 uniformed officers and 12 support staffs. I have a request to the city council about hiring three more new police officers but I need to address two robust justifications for hiring new police officers. The two justifications for hiring new police officers is the ability to multitask the demands of their job which may vary throughout the day as well as the extensive paperwork that come with the job must be completed on time. Another is the leadership skill which involves the officer being about to communicate with individuals while in the public eye as well as good judgment when it comes to solving a case of issue at hand and increasing the presence of police officers in the downtown area as well as catching up population growth. (Projections, 2012)

Police officers must be able to enforce the laws so that the criminal convicted of the crime or evidence can be bought before court to testify or judge as fit by the judge during a trial. Some officers depending on the job may be in certain area to prevent crime as well as patrol and give out traffic tickets where it is due, even direct traffic. The police officer must be an U.S. citizen and of good character to get the job position, but must be able to pass the written test after completing high school with some work experience. The three police officers would also need some college training if not they will be encouraged to take some college courses in police work to get a better understanding about the job that they are about to do involving protecting the people as well. As the chief of police I am requesting the workload to...
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