Shadowing Log

Topics: Communication, Sociology, Social work Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Shadowing Exercise
Student Log

Present a short summary of the activities and situations you have observed during shadowing (100 words) I observed how the social worker I shadowed stepped in for duty call rooster while managing her work load. I attended a Looked after Child review meeting and was able to observe how she supported the foster carer she supervised. I observed how confidential records were handled and how case reports were prepared and information shared with all relevant partners. I observed a support group meeting for foster carers facilitated by the shadowed Social worker. I also observed her on home visit to give information and support to a foster Carer interested the adoption of the children in her placement.

Briefly outline the role of the social worker you have been shadowing. (200 words) The social worker I shadowed, is a senior practitioner, she works within the fostering team as a supervising social worker for carers. Her main role includes supervising and assisting foster carers in the provision of good quality care to the children in their homes with the aim of enhancing and improving the Looked After Child’s/Children’s well –being. She ensures that the foster carers she supervises have access to adequate social work and other professional support services and information which will enable them provide consistent and quality care for the children or young persons within their placements in the home. As a supervising social worker she ensures that that the fostering placements remain legal. Central to this is ensuring that any complaint by or against the foster carer is investigated promptly. She also carries out annual household reviews on placements to support carers in ensuring that their environments and house conditions continues to meet the requirements for safeguarding the children in their placement. As part of her role, the shadowed social worker identifies in partnership with the foster carers their training needs and...
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