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Topics: Discrimination, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Young Pages: 6 (1849 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Standard 1
Principles and values

Sample questions
a. A situation where a young person has a contact visit. Contact visits are important to the young person and their families so to respect their time and confidential information that may be shared we provide a meeting room where it is away from other young people in the house and only the relevant people are present, and it also gives young people and their families and carers quality time. b.

c. These situations made me feel confident that confidential information would not be shared and only he relevant people would know. Also made me feel good to see the young people having contact with their families. The young person feels happy to be seeing their families and also confident in speaking about any issues as they have as they are in a private place. They also feel respected as they are treated as equals allowing them to voice their opinion. The family also feel happy to be spending time with the young person and also are reassured in confidential information being shared as only the relevant people are present. The family may not accept that everyone is treated as an equal depending on the situation, being equal means that everyone has the same rights. d. A

Thinking deeper
1. The young person’s safety and well-being are most important. 2. The workers work together with the young person’s family in the care, learning, development and safeguarding of their children as they are primary carers and educators for the young person. Values

1. Young people are aware that people have different beliefs, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Young people respect these differences. The beliefs are important and celebrated. 2. Young people have the chance to experience new things and are aware that people enjoy different things depending on their background. This means that discrimination is not acceptable.

Principles and values
Sample questions

a. It is important to treat people fairly and not to discriminate because people are different and we all believe in different things. We don’t have to believe in the things other people do but respect that we are all different and give people the opportunity to express this. Discrimination is against the law and can affect the victim in different ways for example: depression, low self-esteem, isolation, loss/gain in weight, self-harm, reduced individual rights. b. Sex discrimination act 1975, Disability discrimination act 2005 c. To treat a person fairly if they requested information in large print I would find a font size suitable for their needs enabling them to have the same information and able to read and understand this information. To treat a person fairly if they complained a co-worker was making homophobic comments I would reassure them that discrimination is not acceptable, ask if they wanted a complaints form, and/or hold a three way meeting to see if the issue could be resolved as it could be a misunderstanding. To treat a person fairly if they asked me to set aside a space for them to pray I would organise a time and place suitable and agreeable to the person to allow them this time. d. D

e. D

Child centred approaches
Sample questions

a. Being healthy – having a balanced and nutritional diet, also getting enough exercise. Information and support given on alcohol and drug taking. Also support in accessing any other services. Staying Safe - complying with child protection legislation, undertaking CRB checks. Protecting young people and vulnerable adults from bullying, harassment and other forms of maltreatment, discrimination, crime, anti-social behaviour, sexual exploitation, exposure to violence and other dangers. Ensuring that all relevant staff is appropriately trained. Enjoying and achieving - to assess and monitor young person progress, support young person with poor attendance and behaviour. Also by promoting social, cultural, sporting and...
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