Sexual Rights of Muslim Men on Their Wives and Sex Slaves.

Topics: Islam, Slavery, Marriage Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Sexual rights of Muslim men on their wives and sex slaves.

Koran is literal word of Allah who is the only God; Muslims would love and wish every one to believe this. In their effort to propagate their faith they say Islam means peace and justice and try to fool infidels in to believing that all those verses of warfare in Koran are meant for removing injustice. They will never explain what is 'injustice' which is the key word. See, if Allah means so much against injustice why he legalized institution of slavery and has even given the rights to Muslim men to have sex with women slaves.

In Islam, if a married women is captured in a war her marriage immediately becomes void even if her husband is alive; she becomes a sex slave to her new Muslim master. There is no limit on number of concubines a Muslim man can have. Akbar had about 5000 Hindu women as concubines in his harem while his son had about 6000. Many people in complete ignorance associate slavery with west but it is west which played a crucial role in abolishing this abominable institution though it also has its hands dirtied. Saudi Arabia banned slavery only in 1960s.

Until the year 1857 AD Islamic slavery continued in India and then British banned it. But we do not see this in our history text books because leftists and marxists in their eternal hatred towards west want to blacken British rule of India while glorifying Islamic rule and do not mention Islam bringing slavery, completely an alien concept, in to India.

Putting an end to digression, here we have an Islamic website explaining in its fatwa how it is the divine right of Muslim men to force his wives and his sex slaves for satisfying his carnal desires. (source)


Question put to scholar: is it permissible for a man to force his wife or slave to have intercourse if she refuses?.

Answer from the Islamic scholar:
Praise be to Allaah.
The woman does not have the right to refuse her husband, rather she must respond to his...
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