Sexual Initiation Among Filipino Youth

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  • Published : June 13, 2012
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Sexual Initiation Among Filipino Youth

Today, Filipino youth tend to engage in early sexual initiations. With our modern day culture telling them it’s perfectly okay to have sex even before marriage; the youth is misled with their true understanding of sexuality. Sexuality belongs within marriage and that it is not simply a pleasure done out of curiosity and without respect. Because of higher exposure to sex from the internet, magazines, TV shows, movies, modern music and other media, the youth’s curiosity is greatly aroused. Such curiosity coupled with tremendous peer pressures and with contraceptives becoming more available within their reach, they are pushed to the edge of actually doing “it”. Consequently, without corresponding guidance on how to handle this “urge” they are pretty much left to what they see and hear around them. Puberty and adolescence stage can be confusing without adequate information about sexuality and its issues. Due to parents’ reluctance to openly discuss these matters with their kids, they are left to adapt whatever other people say. The problem increases more with the parents’ strictness and lack of quality time with their children. As a result, the kids become rebellious and are forced to find solace and belongingness in their barkada, who at times are bad influences. Pre-marital sex is a famous trend among the modern generation, young and old alike. With social pressures and modern media gaining a more profound influence on our youth today, parents, the school, the church and the government as well should see to it that our youth are properly educated about sexuality, morality and its risks. The Filipino youth should also be reminded that to be free is also to be responsible. It’s true, parents can’t always protect their children from the world, but they can equip them with life skills they need so they can be able to conscientiously discern what is appropriate and what is not. With assertiveness, self-awareness and...
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