Sexism, Racism and Stereotypes in South Park

Topics: Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, South Park Pages: 5 (2116 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Shivam Aggarwal
Research Paper
Professor Aimee Sands
Rhetoric B


Racial Stereotyping, racism, gender stereotyping and sexism are some of the strengths of South Park. This TV show was created with a purpose to make racism and sexism funny and acceptable. South Park is a television show that was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It circumvents the lives of 4 boys namely Eric Cartmen, Kenny McCormick, Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski around the town of Colorado. This show mainly aims at picking up various stereotypes in different societies and making fun of them. It is highly racist and makes fun of different genders and performs the act of gender stereotyping. Author Ted Gournelos in his article has given detailed accounts of how each line has a deeper underlying meaning. He also points out how there are various accounts where there is a mix of racial stereotyping as well as feministic discrimination. The hype created for this TV show was astonishing as a simple video created on YouTube had enflamed the viewers. In other words, they wanted more. Even before the first episode aired the network had already sold 30 million t-shirts, whilst its viewers knew that this show was full of racial comments and racial depictions, it still gained so much popularity in the US adult audience. In one of the episode they show a fight between Jesus and Santa Clause which shows complete disregard for the religious beliefs of its viewers. Author Ted Gournelos says “Within the first season alone, South Park not only critiqued homophobia, conservative censorship efforts, discourse regarding euthanasia, and several other highly charged topics, but it did so while becoming one of the most popular shows on cable television.” South Park does not have a definitive plot or even a baseline story; it simply creates a new issue each episode to ridicule from making fun of Jews to cracking racist jokes. Every episode contains an account of racism, making fun of homosexuals and reprimanding the black race. It is as if the only motive of the show is to discriminate. Analysing the characters of South Park starting with Eric Cartman. Cartman is somewhat according to Author Ted Gournelos is also known as the “selfish jewish kid” who is in fact very stupid and is easily tricked by everyone. He is one of the most racist characters in the show and makes a variety of racist comments along with a mix of sexist comments. Single mother, who is intersexual and proclaims to be Cartman’s father, is raising him, but it is revealed in seasons ahead that his true biological father is Scott Tenorman. Cartman had his father killed in season 5 in the episode “Scott Tenorman must die” which begs the question as to what goes on in the show. But then later it puts the identity of his mother Liane in question. Cartman constantly berates Kenny as being a “Jew.” Kenny is the kid that hides in jacket and dies without a moment’s notice although; in the next episode he is back. Cartman targets Kenny for all his jokes, which are mostly stereotypical and racist. For example he keeps making fun of the financial stature of Kenny by calling him “poor” now and again. Cartman also shows a superiority complex since he wants to win in everything and tricks Kenny into making bets with him that are safe but eventually cause him great harm. We must also analyze the black voice depicted in the show by cartman and the character Chef. The voice over was chef is being done by “Isaac Hayes” the interesting fact about this is that he was asked to play a version of himself where as the voice over for cartman is being done by Trey Parker who is known as a “Black Voice Performer.” Whenever Cartman speaks to black people there is a change in his voice as if he is trying to be like them by talking in that “deep” voice and that “black swag” as I like to call it. According to author Michal A. Chaney South Park...
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