And I Would Have Gotten Away with It If It Wasn't for You Meddling Kids: Antagonist Perspective

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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And I Would Have Gotten Away with It If It Wasn’t for You Meddling Kids Literature is traditionally written in the protagonist perspective. On the contrary, in the story And I Would Have Gotten Away with It If It Wasn’t for You Meddling Kids, Luke Geddes introduces the audience to an atypical narrative from the point of view of an antagonist in a Scoopy Doo cartoon. Namely from the start of the story, Geddes leads the reader to understand the childhood dream which lead the villain to build the Navajo Nation Theme Park. Moreover, in the story Geddes provides the villain’s background and past which better allow the reader to side with him and easily perceives the villain as the protagonist. The childhood dreams of the villain inspire his lifelong ambition to build the Navajo Nation Theme Park. In addition, the reader can simply empathize and accept the villain’s behaviors throughout the story because it is written from his own perspective. Thus, Geddes’ use of dark satire through the villain’s point of view, allows the audience to better understand and enjoy a rare narrative perspective of Scooby-Doo. The villain’s motivation for this theme park is his childhood dreams. By understanding his childhood dreams from the beginning of the story, the reader can better understand his passions and desires to one day have his Navajo Nation. For example, “I told anyone who asked that what I wanted to be when I grew up was an amusement park owner. Not just any amusement park, but Navajo Nation, a special, on-of-a-kind park whose centerpiece would be more fun than Disneyland, a park that would bring pride to my people”. This quote provides insight to his motivation, in which he has wanted to own an amusement park since childhood. Also, this park means more to him than just a childhood dream. As matter of fact, he believes it will bring pride to his Navajo people and provide a means to celebrate their culture. Therefore, his motivation is multi-faceted. Reading the story...
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