Racial Bias in the Media

Topics: Black people, Crime, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Racial bias in the Media:
Does news coverage favor Whites? Sharoniarina White COMM 215
September 27, 2012

News, movie, and crime often contain racial stereotypes. The news media has often criticized For the way it chooses to portray African-Americans. Racial stereotypes are still alive in this country. White- Americans often see these stereotypes images assume he, or she is dumb, dishonest, lazy. The black male is constantly portrayed as violet, and hostile, criminal minded. If convicted of a crime or suspected in a crime , the news media will often show a mug shot Photo of a black male will show less offensive picture of a white male. Movies and crime often show a black male running from the police or involved in a hostile situations. Showing these images over and over again creates racial stereotypes in the mind of those watching. The media has played and continue to play a critical role in the way White- Americans perceive African-Americans. The media focus on crime, drugs gang violence, and Other forms of ant-social behavior among African-Americans. Example, in October 25, 1994 in Union South Carolina Susan Smith drowned her two children. Susan Smith claimed that a black male kidnapped her two children.

The media stereotype anything that is black is bad and evil. The media have invaded Holly- Wood. The portrayal of young African –American males involved in gangs, and other acts of Violence has become multi- million dollars industrial. Films like Boyz in the hood, and menace 2 Society, American Gangster have become multi-million dollars success stories with criminal por- trals of young black men. This kind of portrayal, overtime, has put false beliefs in White- Ameri- cans of the way we perceive and view blacks....
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