Sexism in Advertising

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence against women, Violence Pages: 4 (1233 words) Published: April 24, 2008
Advertisement Analysis

Noxema, Pretty, Smart, and excellent sales pitch. Who does not want to be pretty and smart? Noxema daily cleanser is the product being sold in this advertisement. Noxema also carries a variety of other products in this line that claim to help women pull off the perfect glow no matter what lifestyle they live. The opening statement on Noxema’s website says Beauty’s Never Looked So Smart. This all seems to be promoting strong, healthy, clean, independent women. They are a product line underneath the parent company, P&G (Procter & Gamble). They produce many cleaning products, along with cosmetics, and many other product lines mostly dealing with the house and home and directed toward female consumers. Their slogan is Everyday Solutions. The company has an entire Company’s Purpose, Values, and Principles section to read on the webpage. However, Noxzema recently released and advertisement that struck at these values. The advertisement brings up many social issues in advertising today, such as the idea of No means Yes, street harassment is acceptable, promotes sexual violence, need for external validation, promotes an unattainable standard of physical beauty, and finally promotes stereo types toward construction workers. The article at first glance seems harmless. It is colored in a variety of blue values with interesting patterns that mimic the package design or bottle of Noxema. The title line is written in a bright white in a trendy but almost hand written typeface to give it a human quality that reads, “Wash., Get noticed Pretend to be annoyed, Repeat.”. Down from that there is a stylish little cartoon charter walking in front of a construction hoarse and a little diamond sign stating “Construction Area”. This is all in proportion the bottle of daily cleanser to the right. At the bottom there is Noxema’s tag line of “Noxema, Pretty Smart.” Once visiting the website for Noxzema I realized that this look and feel had been taken...
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