Sex Education in Secondary Schools

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Chapter I

The health and bright future of every adolescent is shadowed by risk of sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy and even abortion, that will enable them to reach their goals in life. Research shows that one youth is infected with HIV every hour of everyday, while 5% increase in teenage birthrate, 40.5 births per 100 young woman ages 15-19 (Hamilton mind numbing fact, is pointed to the aggressiveness, curiosity and misguidance of teens about the issues of sexuality. In a Christian country, like Philippines, these issues are taken with great care and fragility, hence, according to Wagoner (2001), this are public issues that should be treated with rights, respect and responsibility instead of fear, denial and blame. The youth have the right to accurate information, deserving of respect and do have an obligation to act responsibly. Ignorance regarding this is a crucial matter that has an easy remedy: educate the youth and give hope for a more informed tomorrow (Leavitt, 2009). Because like what Wagoner (2001) said, “By this we could protect their (youth) health and their lives.” Sex education on the other hand, according to Kirby (2002) and Alford (2003), it teaches about abstinence as the best method of avoiding STDs and unintended pregnancy through contraception, it talks about interpersonal and communication skills which help young people explore their own values, goals and options, a prevention program that will affect multiple behavior and achieve positive health impacts. As support to the global call of sex education, Representative Lagman (2008) said that Reproductive Health Bill was formulated by the congress here in the Philippines, that promotes information on access to both natural and modern family planning method, which are medically safe and illegal permissible and assures an enabling environment where women and couples have the freedom and choice on the mode of planning their family while strengthening PopCom in educating the youth. For this reason, the researchers would like to expose the importance and effects of sex education program in the learning of teens and in the preservation of the country as a whole at the same time, assist and guide the youth to be responsible not only in their decision but more importantly to their judgment as to what Villegas (2009) said, “The only thing that will bring things to order is time.”

Statement of the Problem
1. What are the importance of integrating sex education in the learning of teenagers? 2. What are the effects of integrating sex education in the learning and intellectual growth of teens? 3. What would be the impacts of sex education in social, spiritual and sexual development of teens?

Statement of the Objectives
1. To instill among the youth the importance of sex education. 2. To show the effects of integrating sex education in the learning and intellectual growth of teens. 3. To reveal the impacts of sex education in social, spiritual and sexual development of teens.

Scope and Limitations of the Study
The study is only limited on the importance and effects of integrating sex education on the learning of teenagers in the secondary level and it’s feasible contribution towards nation building and global prosperity. It was conducted at La Filipina National High School, La Filipina, Tagum City, from February to March 2010 and was participated by 100 respondents consisting of 20 teachers (five every year level) and 80 students (20 per year level).

Significance of the Study
For the youth:
The main purpose of this study is to provide information about sex education, its importance and effects to the academic performance of teens towards self-preservation and to showcase a wide array of choices to help live a healthy and productive life that would ensure active participation of youth in nation building and global development in the...
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