Sex Education and Children

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Birth control Pages: 5 (2147 words) Published: April 20, 2008
The Teaching of Sex Education and Children
With the sexual revolution and the arrival of the newer diseases, parents and educators are at ever-increasing odds to what is the best way to educate children about sex. Sex education in the school systems would help prevent the spreading of diseases and pregnancies, the issue is the decision between parents and educators on what is the best way. America’s children are getting different messages which are confusing them on what they should do, “Just Do It”, “Just Say No” and “Just Wear a Condom”. Which are we saying? Without proper guidance and choices our children will make the choices of the moment instead of the future. Children need to know birth control, safer sex and abstinence are choices. Children today require the teachings of sex education to prevent the spread of sexual diseases and pregnancy, because of the opposing morals, psychological, and social dilemmas parents and teachers need to decide the best way. Opposing Morals Confuse the Children

The moral issues that were once acceptable are now at the mercy to the sexual revolution and the medical ramifications. “Adults have one foot in the Victorian era while kids are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic” complains pediatrician Karen Hein, of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City (May 1993). She has seen her share of teens infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases pass through the hospital. “There’s something wrong,” sex educator Sol Gordon said, “with a country that says, sex is dirty, save it for someone you love” (May 1993). Children need to know birth control, safer sex and abstinence are choices. One message all the programs are trying to convey is for the children to learn what sex education is needed, and choose to wait. The moral issues of sex education and, we have the highest record of young people having sex in this country. There is one point everyone agrees in this debate that is going on is sex educations is needed to be more then just about sex. Schools have reacted by putting more into the teachings of sex education. Teaching the children everything they should know to protecting themselves to raising babies and stressing to waiting. Information is a powerful tool and children today need all the information they can to make the right choices for there future. Having schools start with the children learning the anatomy of female and male bodies. At the appropriate ages be taught about menstruating, erections and how to prevent diseases and pregnancies. On one hand of this moral dilemma are those that want condoms to be given way, gay curriculums and MTV videos as the breakdown. On the other hand do not want any part of that and throw religious beliefs and reject any discussion of sexual self-control as being an activist. The schools are not to teach to take away from the parents but to be there to help reinforce and reiterate the basics. Parents and educators are seeing that the children are suffering so the set some common grounds while they have the moral debate. The decision is that the subject can be discussed without any religious extremist getting involved. In a nut shell the children can get the information and give them the protection that is needed. The psychology issue sex has on the children

Children lack the cognitive psychology development to understand sex. Education is important for parents (and other caretakers) to understand what is "normal" sexual development and behavior in children and teenagers. Sexual development and sexual play are natural and healthy processes in children, from toddlers through childhood and into adolescence. Puberty and adolescence, body parts and sexual organs are clearly developing, and puberty brings the onset of menstruation in girls and more routine masturbation for both boys and girls, but especially boys. “Whereas young people report concerns about HIV/AIDS, but many do not perceive themselves to be personally at risk...
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