Birth Control

Topics: Birth control, Pregnancy, Condom Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Giving Birth Control Devices to Teenagers

Giving birth control devices to teenager s is very common among today’s society. Parents want their kid to remain a virgin but in today’s world that is very unlikely. Many parents have trouble on deciding when to talk to your kids about birth control or just taking them to go get birth control. Parents have the decision on whether or not you support their child on having sex by giving them birth control. You have the worry of your child getting pregnant. So, the problem posed is do parents give the child birth control or is it supporting their child to be sexual. Birth control is just any method of a woman not getting pregnant. (Baker) With teens able to go get birth control on their own without parental consent and a variety of new birth controls available, teens do not pay attention to the facts of all the different birth controls. Many sex education class just preach abstinence, and not how to use birth controls properly or tell the teens of the failure rate. Schools are now getting involved, some even handing out birth control, but not explaining how to properly use them. Birth control decisions should be kept at home, between the parents and the child. Schools should keep teaching sex education, just refrain from giving the students birth control. Schools should start teching kid s more facts about the birth controls and how to properly use them. Schools should also be there for any questions and teach kids the risks of having sex. (Parsons) “Young people get involved in sex primarily because our culture works overtime to promote extra-marital sex, in books, movies, music, television and drama. Teens are taught that sex is something they have a right to enjoy without consequences. Handing out condoms and birth control pills only underscores this fallacy.” (Parsons) There are two main birth controls teens use which is a condom for the guys and birth control pills for the girl. These both are good for preventing...
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