Sex Education

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Frae Krux

Sex education is an education for young people to know more about themselves especially their reproductive organs, they themselves and also for them to think more mature. It is a preparation for the young people for things they are about to do in the future, to tell the responsibilities, to let them know what consequences and many bad things that may happen if they are irresponsible( in short word,” To make young people aware for what may happen”. Usually parents and some people think that it is only related to sex, and only malicious things but they are gradually mistaken. Sex education Is an instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, including human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, reproductive health, emotional relations , reproductive rights and responsibilities, abstinence, birth control, and other aspects of human sexual behavior. Usually sex education is started at ages 10 and above. As people and some teachers say, it depends on the curriculum and the age on what they will teach to those young people about sex education. Although some form of sex education is part of the curriculum at many schools, it remains a controversial issue in several countries, particularly with regard to the age at which children should start receiving such education, the amount of detail which is revealed, and topics dealing with human sexuality and behavior.

How important is Sex Education?

Sex education is needful and necessary for young ones. Being mindful of the exposure given to young ones in school, in the media and among their peers, sex education teaches young ones about sexual intimacy, but also enlightens them on their reproductive systems, birth control, and sexually transmitted diseases. It also exposes them to their gender identity, gender role, family role, body images, sexual expression (what it entails and how to tame it), intimacy and the marriage relationship. Good relevant sex education provides knowledge, knowledge is information, and information is confidence and important. It has been noticed that well-informed children on male and female Anatomy handle puberty better than the uninformed ones. Sex education affects a child's attitude positively. Each sex (male or female) becomes more tolerant of the others behavior pattern and option. A sexuality oriented child learns to believe in the quality of men and women, the sacrament of marriage and parental responsibilities. * With well accepted sex education, there is usually a lower rate of unwanted pregnancy and spread of sexually transmitted diseases. To the pure, all things are pure. When sex is passed down to our children from a pure heart, they too receive it with a pure heart. Sex education should naturally be integrated into their lives as they grow up both by the parents, teachers and the society in a very mature way. Parents should answer their children's questions properly and information according to their level of exposure and maturity. It will not be appropriate to look embarrassed or pretend sex never exists. We might be fooling ourselves and exposing these children to untimely dangerous curiosity. The children must be taught how to cope and handle their own sexual feeling, use of drugs and urges. Prior to the time of sex education, parents should develop good communication with their children. Be their friends, have positive attitude to sex, yourself.*

A good “sex education” is needed so that youth can gather their acts together. It is really important due to research that many youth nowadays are exposed to unprotected sex, pornographic materials and videos, irresponsibility and friends. Sex education can serve as guidance for the youth. It is for preparation. Sex education in school is important because many parents are shy about talking / teaching their children on this subject. Educating children on sex related issues also...
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