Setting up a Wi-Fi Network

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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Wireless Network Proposal 1

Wireless Network Proposal:
The Implementation Plan

Wireless Network Proposal 2

The following paper represents my proposal to how the wireless network should be setup in the CIP room at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Wireless network is a wonderful piece of technology that has allowed us to freely move around places without the need of being stuck in a particular area in order to use the internet. Everyday more and more consumers and businesses are switching to wireless networks. However, as good as this may sound, this isn’t just a plug and play set up we're talking here. There are a lot of security measures that must be considered when implementing a wireless network. There will be an assumption made that the budget for this network isn’t a concerned as long as the equipment being used is justified.

Wireless Network Proposal 3

The objective is to implement a wireless network in the CIP room in a clean, organized and efficient fashion. When setting up the wireless network, I must consider the following things: What is the network being use for?

What is the most efficient spot to place the router for maximum coverage? What type of router must I use for this network?
What security measure should I use to protect the network as much as possible? These are the things I must consider when implementing the network. What is the network being used for?
The network is being used at a school for educational purposes from IT courses ranging from wireless networks to computer security systems. The users will be doing basic stuff such as configuring networks, writing documents and using the internet. However, some capabilities must be restricted from the user. A firewall must be setup so that the users are unable to use network for things like such as torrent or downloading any unauthorized files that may slow down the network. Since this network is being used in a...
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