How Phishing Attacks Have Compromised Major Systems

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Week 7
1st Topic
How Phishing Attacks Have Compromised Major Systems (graded)| Major corporations, governments, and other organizations are hacked each week, mostly by means of phishing attacks. Describe how users and IT organizations should arm themselves against these attacks. Users and IT organizations should arm themselves against these attacks by staying aware that restricted data for instance SSN are generally not requested. If you view the URL and perhaps the page directs you to another page that does not pertains to the business you handling business with. Many financial organizations, for example Bank of America identifies the computer that you are accessing online banking; and if the cookies are not implanted, Bank of America will give you a choice to text you a code. If a phone number is registered with the bank or an email address is registered with the bank, and if you are productive in putting the right code; then you will be able to get into your account and view information in online banking. (Management Information Systems, 12/e for DeVry University, 12th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions p. 301). RE: Security and the Internet | Professor Crumm | 2/21/2013 10:45:05 PM|

| William streaming sites seem to be an issue for many companies.

Class I worked with a community college network a few years ago and it was almost fun to watch. No matter how much bandwidth they purchased, the students would use it all. They could not get educational traffic to work because there was too much competition from students gaming and streaming audio and video. Ultimately they purchased some expensive bandwidth management equipment to give priority to certain traffic. The problem was not really security, but rather, controlling usage.

Class this concept of overloading the system can, however, be used by nefarious individuals to deny service to companies. Has anyone ever experienced a denial of service attack? Have you ever heard of Botnets? How do they work?


Bill |
I have not heard of Botnets before now however, I found through research that Bots are one of the highly complex and widespread kinds of cybercrime today. They permit hackers to gain power of many computers at a time, and turn them into "zombie" computers, which function as part of a powerful "botnet" to spread viruses, generate spam, and commit other types of online crime and fraud.

Threats | Professor Crumm | 2/18/2013 4:12:27 PM|
| Class with all the attempts to secure organizational networks one has to assume that there are real threats on the Internet. Just what are some of the types of electronic threats that can impact business?


Bill |
Through research I found that the highest internal risk to an e-commerce website is inadequate managing. If inadequate managing is not dedicated to safeguarding security and offering budgets for buying antivirus software licenses and for retaining the internal networks robust, the e-commerce website is exposed to attack. Any inner systems to which it is linked are also defenseless. Preferably, management must require to systematic IT security reviews of the system to guarantee that security is improved and any possible issues are prohibited or managed as soon as they happen. In smaller companies, supervision may have additional urgencies and allow the e-commerce site vulnerable by default.

2nd Topic
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other Social Media (graded)| What are the social and security issues for individuals and organizations relative to personal and business use of social media?

I found through research that many threats exist like cybercriminals benefit form social engineering strategies to entice social network users into clicking on wicked links directing to attack websites. However; data seepage is also a...
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