Integrative Network Project Part 3

Topics: Computer network, Local area network, Wide area network Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Integrative Network Project Part 3

For the Patton-Fuller hospital to become the best hospital in the area, key issues must be addressed. Securing the network from all possible electronic threats is one of the main issues that must be addressed. Referring back to HIPPA, this states that the facility must, “protect the privacy of individually identifiable health information (HIPPA).” Circumventing potential issues, and aiding with the tools necessary for the hospital to continue providing exceptional patient care and continuing to operate sound. If the facility does this, then we can expect much success from Patton-Fuller.

In order for Patton-Fuller to operate to the best of its ability, they must first start with their wireless network. First by implementing two completely separate networks, the first network would be inside their firewall and connected to the wired network for use by staff and used by company equipment. The Second one should be located on the outside of the firewall to be used by guest and families to the facility. By drafting a “User Agreement” the guest network would be secured or encrypted in anyway, allowing any one to connect to it. On the other hand, the internal network must be secured using a WPA2 encryption, and further encryption with MAC filtering. With them implemented and in place; then a balance of the security and accessibility would benefit everyone.

Currently the security for the internet server and the location of it in the network is not as protected as it should be and it is not the best design either. The internet server must be located out of the company firewall to protect the systems and network internally. By doing this it separates the remote server system the system has proper validation and connection through the system allows access to the rest of the network. Staffs that are located in the firewall can authenticate through a proxy system and then access the internet, which in turn allows them to communicate...
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