Settig Up a Hotel in Srinagar Kashmir

Topics: Hotel, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Pages: 17 (4861 words) Published: April 1, 2013
1.1Back ground:
Indian hospitality industry:
Indian economy is growing and hospitality industry has been a major contributor to the growth of economy. The hospitality industry has shown a considerable performance over the previous three years and has been consistently performing over the former years (2008/09 ).The overall boom and increase in the economy of India is characterized by the large growth in the fields of information technology, banking, telecom, finance insurance, retail and real estate, construction which in turn have the main factors for the higher rise in demand of hotel rooms in India. Following the trend it is estimated that there would be a substantial no of entrants of hotel supply to cater the domestic and international Indian market. The hotels are expected to be of an international standard and quality in product and service of famous international players . Now a day’s hospitality industry is a rapidly growing sector in India. The future growth is estimated to be around 8 percent between 2007 and 2016. As per the industry report there are about 110000 hotel rooms across India and according to the present rate of growth the demand is going to be double of the hotel supply in the coming two years. To deal with the shortage the hotel industry is increasing the hotel room counts about 60,000 quality rooms which are in the processing phase and would be ready by the year 2012. (NCTI, 2012) Hospitality industry of Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most favorable and beautiful places of tourism of India which attracts tourist from all over the world. It has a glorious history of tourism and hospitality, although due to political disturbances especially in the year 1989 to year 2010 the tourism and hospitality industry got adversely affected. The political disturbances resulted in the reduction of tourist inflows of the state. It’s witnessed almost a black period in the economic environment of Kashmir. After remaining almost shut and silent for about 20 years, the tourism industry of Kashmir has shown a considerable increase with the restoration of peace in the valley. In the year 2012 the tourism industry experienced a record breaking tourist inflow in the blessed land of beauty. Approximately 9 million people enjoyed the mesmerizing beauty of the valley in the summer season comprising of mainly domestic tourists from India as there has been an abrupt rush of tourists there have been large number of complaints regarding the shortage and old fashioned accommodation facilities in the valley. Below quality and no availability of hotel accommodation has left them disappointed With the result the hotel owners. Government and entrepreneurs are working hard towards the improvement of hospitality facilities of accommodation in the state. There has been a introduction of good number of new boutique .3 star ,4 star and 5 star .heritage hotels in Kashmir for an example Vivanta by Tag lake view in Srinagar has been a star icon of the industry . however Kashmir still needs the more high class accommodation in order to meet the desired facility to cater rising number of domestic and international tourists in recent years.

Reactively the hotel authorities and tourism and hospitality departments are taking keen interest in constructing about 50 new hotels and renovating old ones in the prime tourist places of tourist attractions in Jammu and Kashmir. The old fashioned furniture and amenities have been changed with latest amenities and designer furniture In...
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