Service Marketing

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SPINZONE is Laundry firm which started by young entrepreneurs in association with industry leaders in laundry business. Out team of Laundry experts have been combining machinery technology with fabric science to create the best laundry solutions for clients across India and the world. SPINZONE dry cleaning is a concept of Cleaning Services available to individuals and families, including dry cleaning and laundry. Spinzone dry cleaning intends to offer affordable "luxury" cleaning to all. Quality is made available to everybody. Spin zone dry cleaning is the best service provider in your area. The core business is the cleaning of clothes. Our professional team is taking care of each item with a great respect. Removal of the spots, small repairs, high quality finishing is some of the features that make clean freak dry cleaning different. To achieve our highest ambitions, we need vigorous employees, good support and assistance and a professional technology. SPINZONE dry cleaning is that driving force. SPINZONE dry cleaning is a team of men and women working together to serve the needy people. The skills of our team and its customer oriented organization are our main assets. We have been operating shops in different areas in the country through direct investment. But in the beginning I will start it from only Hyderabad. SPINZONE dry cleaning is built on a vision of the Cleaning Services. We bring together the resources and the people who share with us the excitement of achieving such objective. They are highly motivated people which are probably the most important thing. We want to share with them our SPINZONE dry cleaning vision. Green standards Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, we handle and dispose of cleaning solutions in accordance with government regulations. In addition, we use energy and water efficient machines, eco-friendly detergent, waste separation system and energy saving scheme to reduce natural resources consumption and pollution. Our valet shops encourage customers to return plastic hangers and reuse plastic bags for their dry cleaning pick up. All plastic bags are bio-degradable to support environmental protection. CONTENT

* Executive Summary
* Objective of the Study
* Need of the Laundry Service in Market
* Objective of the spin zone
* 5’C analysis,
* SWOT analysis
* Segmentation & Targeting
* Strategies Mix of Service Marketing(Product, Price Place, Promotion) * Blue Print of Service Process
* People
* Physical Evidence Strategy
* Demand-Capacity Management & waiting line Strategies * Closing Service Quality gap

Objective of the Assignment
1. To explain why service marketing has become a centre of attention in recent years. 2. To identify the characteristics of services those are important from the marketing point of view. 3. To discuss the service marketing process

4. To discuss the service quality model.
5. To consider some of the managerial challenges of service marketing. 6. Recognize major changes occurring in service sector and how they impact competition.

Our Laundry Solution includes the following
* Washing.
* folding
* Ironing
* Dry-cleaning
* Alteration
* Starch
* Wet cleaning
* Coffee café
* Spotting stations
Need of the laundry service in...
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