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1 PURPOSE 1.1 This procedure is to provide the general accepted Cleanroom practices for N2FC Cleanroom 1 and Cleanroom 2 at School Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University.


SCOPE 2.1 This procedure applies to all personnel entering N2FC Cleanrooms. When in doubt, please consult the staff on duty.


APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS 3.1 3.2 Federal Standard 209E IES-RP-CC018.2 Cleanroom Housekeeping - Operating and monitoring proc


TERMS AND DEFINITIONS 4.1 Cleanroom An enclosed room in which the room conditioning especially the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to meet a specified cleanliness class for wafer fabrication. Changing Room Cleanroom adjacent to the main Cleanroom from where all personnel dress and undress Cleanroom garment before entering the Cleanroom. Sub-Fab Supporting Cleanroom operation and is located directly below the raised floor of the main Cleanroom, where most of the supporting equipment were located and supporting facilities for processing equipment are laid. Buffer Room Enclosed partitions in the Grey room and Sub-Fab. Viewing Area Enclose partitions prior to Control room for visitors. This is not classified as Cleanroom.

4.2 4.3

4.4 4.5


Control Room Enclose room prior to changing room for housing the remote monitoring facilities. This is not classified as Cleanroom.


POLICY 5.1 The Cleanroom is a restricted area. Access to the Cleanroom is limited to authorize personnel only. All personnel, including visitors, entering the Cleanroom must comply with the rules and regulations as laid out in this procedure. For safety reasons, no one is allowed to stay or work in the N2FC without the presence of the Laboratory staff.

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PROCEDURE 6.1 General Cleanroom concepts The floor is considered to be the dirtiest part. The bench top and process equipment are to be maintained as the cleanest part. Human factors are considered the highest possible source of particulate contamination other than the operating equipment. 6.2 Restrict for Materials entrying into Cleanroom The following are not allowed to be brought/used in the Cleanroom Comestic make-up. Non-Cleanroom or regular papers. Non-Cleanroom compatible pen. Pencils, erasers, highlighter pen and correction fluid. Photocopied Cleanroom paper not contained in Cleanroom compatible cover. Carton material items, wood, stera-form, regular cloth and regular paper materials. Rusty tools or equipment.

When in doubt of other materials which is not stated on the above, please consult the staff on duty. Only notes printed by inkjet printer is allowed to be brought in the Cleanroom. The Micro Fabrication is linked with network and user is strongly recommended to use digital storage and networking for recording and data retrieval. 6.3 Discipline within the changing room Remove before entering the changing room , all make up such as lipstick, blusher, eyeshadow, mascara, eye liner, powder, foundation and any other cosmetic that is applied onto the face and neck area. No fixture or equipment can be brought into the Cleanroom through the changing room without the prior approval from the Lab Manager. No combing of hair is allowed in the changing room. No eating ,drinking or smoking in the changing room. Carry out dressing and undressing sequence of the Cleanroom garment. Follow the instruction as given in the Changing room. The upper half of the jumpsuit (waist line onward which include the sleeves) is not allowed to touch the floor during gowning or ungowning. No pinning of the any badge onto the Cleanroom jumpsuit. No jewellery is to be expose after the Cleanroom garments is worn. After jumpsuit is worn, personnel are not allowed to lie on the bench or sit on the floor. No entering Cleanroom without a complete Cleanroom attire. No hanging of street clothing/jacket on the hanger racks, which are meant for hanging Cleanroom garments. All jumpsuits must...
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