Eymp 3 Explain the Welfare Requirements and Guidance of the Relevant Early Years' Framework.

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Promote children’s welfare and wellbeing in the early years

1.1 Explain the welfare requirements and guidance of the relevant early years’ framework. Welfare requirements and guidance:
The provider must promote the welfare of the children.
Legal requirements areas are:
Information and complaints
Premises and security
Equality and opportunities
This all means that all adults working with children are suitable to do so and have been correctly checked (CRB) and have the correct qualifications. The premises (in and out) should be properly maintained, be safe and secure for the use by children and that daily risk assessments are carried out. That providers make sure that all children are planned for and the individual needs of each child are being met through challenging, enjoyable, stimulating activities. The provider must promote the good health of children, take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection and take appropriate action when they are ill. Legal requirement areas are:

Illness and Injuries
Food and drink
This means making sure medicines are clearly labelled in date and kept in a secure medical box easily assessable (for asthma pumps etc.) but out of reach of the children. All illnesses and injuries are documented/recorded correctly, steps taken to stop infection spreading (if a child is sick in the unit making sure it is properly cleaned if a child has ring worm making sure that it is being treated). Reporting any hazards before they cause an accident. Making sure specific clothes/mops are used for specific areas i.e. mop for toilets, clothes for food areas. Making sure that healthy snacks and drinks are offered.

Behaviour Management:
This means children’s behaviour must be managed effectively and in a manor appropriate for their age and individual needs. That clear behaviour management steps are in place and the child knows what is required of them, (rules), what the rewards are...
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