Senior Citizen Reflection

Topics: Posttraumatic stress disorder, Hugo Weaving, Health Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Senior Citizen Reflection

Brandi Maynard

Psychology 375



I found myself almost without anyone to interview as most the people I know are 55 or younger, so it was very hard but my husband and I remember Mr. Danny Smith, the really nice and respectful man that was hired on at my husbands work five months ago. I was really excited to go to his home and meet him. When I got to his home I was greeted warmly by Mrs. Smith and her dog Rowan. She offered me everything expect the kitchen sink. The experience was very humbling and amazing. Mr. Smith got up and came to the living area as well he was eating a snack and did not hear the door bell ring. The home smelled of cookies and backing bread, the home had a lot of traditional furniture and a lot of kid’s photos on the wall and around the rooms. I sat down with both and had a long talk before we started the interview, which got me very comfortable.

I started by taking out my tape recorder I knew I would not be able to write down everything quick enough so I figured this would be the best way for the interview to start. He was ready to start and so was I. I started with the basic topics that were listed on the worksheet and asked many questions. (Louis, 2008)“One of the main ways to boost your brain is to acknowledge the necessary role human socialization played in shaping the way our brain interact” I noticed Mr. Smith had a smile on is face every time he spoke of his childhood it really amazed me to see him look as though he was going back in time. He always had positive responses which did worry me that maybe he as trying to play everything up but towards the end I saw he had certain areas of his life that were hard but he still used laughter and love to make it through.

I started my assessment right when I meet Mr. Smith he seemed to be a healthy aging adult, when asking him questions I found that he did most of his exercise...
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