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Seminar (CSE- 402) Guidelines for VII Sem B.E. Students

The presentation involves analysis of literature in a selected area of research. The students are required to learn the latest research publication in CSE related areas.

A research paper will be selected from IEEE or ACM digital libraries published in year 2008 onwards (last 5 years from 2008- 2012). The paper has to be full-length, i.e., more than 6 pages and abstract, extended abstract, review or survey paper is not allowed.

To get the papers follow the link. http://muportal/Digital Subscriptions/ MIT Library/ and then choose one of IEEE/IEE Online, ACM Digital Library, Springerlink, Science Direct.

After identifying a paper, the student has to read it several times so as to understand the key issues. It requires reading through the reference and then referring to other papers and their references and so on until the paper is fully understood. This paper will be submitted as a base paper along with a one page synopsis. The base paper is the paper published within last 5 years whereas to understand base paper, reference papers as old as 1970’s can be traced to read and understand. Once the idea in the base paper is clear, the report should be prepared based on the base paper. Finally, based on the report, the power point slides are prepared. If there is any difficulty in finding the paper, the faculty handling the seminar should be consulted.

Report Format – Title, abstract, key words (3-5), introduction, background (optional, required only if the broad research area depicted in the paper is uncovered in the CSE academic curriculum), motivation, objective, methodology, results, analysis and discussion of results, limitation, possible improvement, conclusion, references in author–year style. No text books are required as a reference. The points numbered 1 through 6 below discusses required format for some of the topics in report. For other topics, general guidelines apply.

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