Seminar in Organizational Theory & Behavior

Topics: Intelligence, Motivation, Emotion Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Class: Seminar in Organizational Theory & Behavior
Professor :Dr. Dyck's Bio
Name: Zhihui Dai
Conversation Starter 2

I learned from the article, not the most intelligent person, is the most successful. You probably know people who are academically brilliant but socially inept and unsuccessful, at work or in their personal relationships. Intellectual Property intelligence (IQ) is not enough to be successful in life itself. Yes, your IQ can help you to enter university, but it is your emotional intelligence will help you manage stress and emotional when facing final exams. That the management company, the leaders need more EQ than IQ。

During reading, I pick up the five most important emotional intelligence factors have deeply impact at workplace. Self-awareness. The ability to recognize and understand personal moods and emotions and drives, as well as their effect on others. My idea about Self-awareness is a deep understanding of emotions, strengths, weaknesses and needs. Leader should have a realistic hope and their self-awareness they should be honest with themselves and others.

Self-regulation. The ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods, and the propensity to suspend judgment and to think before acting. Self-regulation is important part of the emotional intelligence, Like everyone else, we should control our behavior and emotion. Sometimes we will face difficult things from our work, the better way is found way to control ourselves, and even guide ourselves in an efficient manner. Internal motivation. A passion to work for internal reasons that go beyond money and status -which are external rewards, - such as an inner vision of what is important in life, a joy in doing something, curiosity in learning, a flow that comes with being immersed in an activity. A propensity to pursue goals with energy and persistence.

My understanding of Internal motivation is deeply understand what your employees really want. A lot of...
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