Explain the Five Broad Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

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We can list the 5 social and emotional aspects of learning as: 1- self-awareness.
2- managing feelings
3- motivation
4- empathy
5- social skills.
To understand them we must explain each individually. Self-awareness is when a child begins to understand their place and how they fit into their environment, relating to others in that environment. For example their role in a class room and how they relate to the teacher and other pupils in that class room. They understand how to feel positive about something, receiving an award or completing some work, yet understand that it’s ok to be finding other things more difficult. They will appreciate that they have a responsibility to themselves for their behaviour, and their education, completing tasks that the teacher has set for example or homework. Pupils learn that their thinking, their emotions and their actions are all linked, and that having emotions is natural, but it doesn’t mean they can behave anyway they choose.

Managing feelings is the child behaving less instinctually, considering actions before committing them. They will appreciate their behaviour can affect others feelings, behaving selfishly can make their sibling sad for example. They should realize how they communicate their feelings should depend upon the situation and the person the person involved, that however exasperated they feel it is within their power to compose themselves before things get out of hand. They will have coping mechanisms to assist in managing their feelings, perhaps a series of basic breathing exercises to control temper outburst, or finding an appropriate adult to discuss matters with.

Motivation. When a child becomes motivated they are able to set achievable goals, not become overwhelmed by a large amount of work. They are able to focus without being distracted by external factors. Strategies for getting around a problem such as boredom or being stuck,...
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