Self – Perception in Sport

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Self – Perception In Sport
As an athlete you are told that agility, stamina, and strength are the most important characteristics toward success. In reality if you have confidence that you are the most agile and strong it will take you much farther. As athletes we cannot underestimate the power of mind over matter. Self-perception plays a major role in sports so as coaches, athletes, and parents we need to start training accordingly.

Self-perception is how a person thinks of them self. In athletes, self-perception can be gained or lost in many different ways. An athlete’s self-perception can be shaken in every level of play. A young athlete may be affected by their parents fighting or a bad grade in school. Later in life a colligate athlete may be affected by papers, exams, or boyfriends and girlfriends. Finally, a professional athlete may be shaken by the media, family, or other social pressures. This proves that all athletes are affected by stress and emotion which comes from many different places in their lives. No matter what level they are at their perceptions can be altered by many factors. Looking at any professional sports leagues, it is obvious that there are different perceptions associated with each team. In professional baseball, for example, it is clear that the Tampa Bay Rays have a lower self-perception then the New York Yankees do. When a player is traded from the Rays to the Yankees that player perceives himself to have more worth. When a batter is in a slump or a quarterback has a bad game or a soccer player suffers a bad injury, it takes a certain amount of courage and perseverance to get back on the field and play hard. This courage can come from a lot of different places like teammates, parents, fans, trainers, and even from within.

A study done by the University of Florida based on self-perception showed how coaches feed back can lead a team toward winning or losing based on verbal contact alone. “When it comes to coaching, the pep...
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