P1 Define Personality and How It Affects Sports Performance

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Trait theory Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: May 21, 2013
P1 define personality and how it affects sports performance
By Josh Haynes
Personality has been of interest to sport physiologists and researchers for a very long time, dating back to around the 1800s, the reason why it is of such is interest is because they want to find out how personality affects someone when they are doing sport as to what personality makes them better at specific sports compared to other people. But as it is hard to find a direct link from someone’s personality to the specific set of skills they have, there is very little evidence which shows what personality helps someone become good at a specific sport. Theories

There are many theories that have been created to help try and explain how personality can influence sports performance. The first theory is martins schematic view, this is where they believe that personality has three different levels that relate to each other and these are: * Psychological core

* Typical core
* Role-related behaviour
The physical core is a core that is believed to be always constant, this is the part of you that contains your beliefs, values, attitudes and your interests. The typical core on the other hand is how you react and respond to different situations to the world that is around you. An example of this would be if there was a bad foul in a sport such as rugby you may get rather annoyed and shout and scream but then when you come in contact with someone else you are really shy. The role related behaviour is the specific circumstances that you usually find yourself in, and this will change the mostly within your personality. For example you may be the captain of the team so you take on roles such as leadership but then in your normal working life you are the one taking the orders. The second theory is the Psychodynamic theory. This theory says that ones personality is made up of two parts and they are the conscious and unconscious parts. One part within the conscious and...
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