Women of Jazz Essay

Topics: High school, Parenting styles, Adolescence Pages: 4 (1527 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Adolescent Psychology Paper
Patrycja Radzik
Dr. Rossilli

I interviewed a girl that lives close to me. She explained her high school story to me, involving friends, family, peers, bullies, and boys. The interview was done as if it were only 2 people talking because I didn’t want her to feel any pressure. She explained what it was like going through puberty by herself, without the help of anyone. How the first two years of high school were and how she disliked it. How after she came back from her summer after sophomore year, she had no problems with anyone and explained how she had a boyfriend for a while. The girl I interviewed relates to plenty of topics that were discussed in the class like, self-esteem, peers, popularity, groups, bullies, family and sexuality.

I interviewed an adolescent that lived very close to me. She is a senior in High School, getting ready for Prom and all the fun senior privileges she is able to do. She is a regular girl going through a regular life in High School. She does well in school, never got in trouble. The way I interviewed her, was not based on a question and answer type of an interview. I listened to what she had to tell me about her life. She talked about friends, family, school, and boys. She started off telling me about how she dealt with going through puberty; she said that she went through it alone. When she first received her period, she figured out everything herself without having her mom’s or doctor’s help. This shows a sense of autonomy and how she expressed a sense of independence where she figured out what was going on with her body by using sources like the internet. She then mentioned her struggled with her weight. She told me that she wanted to be skinny like all of the other girls at school, and the women she saw in magazines and T.V. shows. She tried to starve herself to get skinny and ended up in the hospital. She then decided to lose weight more efficiently by eating healthy and...
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