Self Managed Learning

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Report Writing:

* Title Page – Author, Date
* Contents page with section headings and page numbers
* Summary of the report (contents and finding)
* Introduction (describe the purpose)
* Report and analysis (the main guts)
* Conclusion (the result of your analysis)
* Discussion / Recommendations (what else?)
* References (books, quotes) (Harvard methods)
* Appendix (table or diagrams referred to in the report)

Assignment 1

A. Identifies the essential elements of self-managed learning and describes the benefits to the organisation and individual.

Self-Managed Learning is about individuals taking the steps, without the assistance of others, in determining their learning needs, developing their learning goals, identify human and material resources for their learning, choosing and carry out appropriate their learning strategies, and evaluating their learning outcomes.

Managing their own learning has meant that they need to use a wide range of opportunities for learning. For example:

* Teaching in college – sharing new knowledge, facilitating development of new understanding * Feedback from teacher – this tells you what you have achieved and gives specific or general guidance to help you improve your work. * Coaching – special training for practical skills and improve performance * Mentoring – an experienced person provides guidance and advice about your work * Helps with specific needs – these might include languages and numeracy, access might be needed to specialist person or equipment. * Seminar – exploring ideas and new methods in more details, sharing original research * Oral presentation – talking about the topic and answering questions * Working with peers – sharing ideas, sharing work and learning from each other * Self-awareness – recognising when you have done a mistake and when you need helps from others. * Accessing information and support – knowing how and where to...
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