The Benefits of Giving and Receiving Feedback for Personal Development

Topics: Awareness, Self-awareness, Understanding Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Personal development and growth seem to come from a combination of life experiences, including interaction with others. It is also enabled and enhanced through increasing yourself awareness of your thought, feelings, actions and behaviours, based both on the past and what we might intend for the future. By growing our self awareness we gain a better insight in where we might need to focus our personal development efforts.

A main way to increase self awareness if from receiving constructive feedback from others on how our behaviours are perceived by them and what our behaviours might imply about ourselves in term of motivation or attitude, values and beliefs. Sometimes it is important to understand, through feedback, how we impact others through our behaviour. Feedback gives us the opportunity to use the information towards our own personal growth.

Sometimes we are not aware of our own attributes and weaknesses, so by collecting feedback from a number of people we can built a picture of our self and how people view us.

Benefits of giving feedback:

Feedback can be beneficial in many ways. An essential part of this is the level of commitment given to an individual when a person is observing that feedback. This can also allow the listener to practise skills in understanding whiles empathising with the individual being observed. This shows that the person carrying out counsellor training can develop their own effectiveness at carrying out an observation whilst giving feedback.

Benefits of giving feedback:

It gives the person who is receiving the feedback the opportunity to understand and consider another viewpoint of themselves and decide if they want to act on it. It also helps the receiver to understand themselves better through others and can help them to further develop. By actively seeking out and considering feedback from others, we are able to derive great benefit from increasing self-awareness and a sense of direction for where we can look to...
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