Self Knowledge

Topics: Auschwitz concentration camp, Mind, Man's Search for Meaning Pages: 6 (2131 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Mary-Joy C. Duffy
The Power of Self-Knowledge
COR3000 Education, Self & Community
John F. Kennedy University
Summer 2011

Of all the readings in the class, the one thread that keeps coming back to me is the importance of self-knowledge. I will be presenting that with self-knowledge, we have the power to heal our bodies, help nullify suffering due to the adversities what we experienced in life and lastly, how self-knowledge can help us communicate effectively.

First, I would like to speak from my own experienced when it comes to self-healing; in the last twenty years of my adult life, I rarely get sick, nor ever remembered being bed ridden because of a flu virus. I might have caught the occasional cold, but nothing too severe. Maybe it is the fact that is motivated by fear of not having enough money to pay my rent and my bills. I have always this innate belief that if I do not pay attention or gave it importance to what ailed me, it would just go away. I will not totally ignore it, but I will treat it with some medicine, and soon enough it goes to its natural course and simply goes away. Truthfully, I do not like being sick.

This simplistic example is the closest one I can give to what Akbar and Daucher are trying to say. Though their approach differs from each other, the results are the same. For Akbar his approach is from a holistic point of view. He talks about a Healer, a spiritual leader who is responsible for the spiritual welfare of his community. It is Akbar’s motivation to empower American with African roots. These Healers can influence their community into a healing process, so that they will gain their value as a human being and as citizens in this world. Self-knowledge is especially crucial through education, a strong inner value of yourself, understanding the concept of where you came, appreciation of your role in this universe, and the key to it all, is learning to love and respect yourself. Love especially have the creative energy to help uplift those around you, as a consequence, your genuine self will assist you to knowing and in better understanding your own community. This strength of authentic knowledge will have the ability to persuade a "dis-eased" person in the healing process. To Akbar, this self-knowledge is the fundamental rights of all who live in this universe.

Daucher on the other hand, he focuses his research on scientific methods. Scientific methods can quantify results that are tangible, while more or less accepted by the majority, since they can be compared to other scientific data. Under consideration, he exemplified how an Olympic athlete can attain physical prowess just by consistently disciplining the body by way of extraneous physical training. Doesn’t it show that the mind is somehow responsible to such endeavor? This Olympic athlete must have that power to will their mind through sheer determination to do so, which bring us back to the mind-body connection query. There is an advent in Western psychology, especially in the field of neuroscience, where they have conducted a study on contemplative scholars. First, they have to see if they could construct a mind-body connection through scientific methods. They started with a series of studies with rats, by observing their conditioned response to a conditioned stimulus, which the rats were previously given an anticancer drug-laced sweetened water that induces nausea. Even with the removal of the drugs in the water, the rats still physically reacted as if the water is still laced with it. This anticancer drug is designed to inhibit the immune system, and even without it, the rats died because of the weakening in their immune system. This also proves to the neuroscientist the possibility of the power of how the mind can engage the body to the state it desired. Therefore, when our mind are clattered with anger, despair, jealousy, judgments, fear of anything, the feeling of loneliness, and compounded with our daily life’s stress,...
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