Self Perception

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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Case Study 1

Self - perception
Project 4

Case Study 2

1.Describe your perception of the situation:
This situation has the potential to be awkward, but it is certainly salvageable. I think that mentioning Toya’s high level of responsibility and her ability to be a “self-starter” was a very good opening to this conversation about her first few weeks on the job. Making an interrogative statement about, “how Toya could improve her work” was a bit of a mistake in my opinion. It put Toya, who is already a bit insecure, on the defensive. Of course, Toya could have answer the question with something like, I would welcome any suggestion on my improving my work, but most people are not quite that confident, especially during their their first week of employment when they might be in a probationary period and have a reasonable fear of losing her job. I would attempt to assure Toya that she has done nothing wrong, and certainly no one is talking about her behind her back. I would say something like, “We just want to make sure that you are comfortable here with your responsibilities, and the work environment so that you can do the best job possible. We strive to be as efficient as possible in our work. Is there anything that we could do, or supply you that might allow you to do you work more accurately, or effectively”? We appreciate and encourage any suggestion that you might have.

2.What do you think is the self-concept of Toya?
Toya has a real people pleasing persona. Toya’s self-concept is that a “helper”. She needs to be needed. I believe that Toya can be motivated about something. This challenge is to find out how to create a work environment that enables Toya to express her motivation to work. The answer to this question seems it would be simple, but it can actually be quite complex. In order for employees to become self-motivated, they need it have a reason to do so. In fact, the word motivation means having a motive, or reason. I have...
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