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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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My story

There are no two identical personal experiences in the world, hence, you would never know my unique story until I tell you. A hobby can be almost anything a person likes to do in his spare time; it offers enjoyment, friendship and knowledge. Well, what I like most is singing. When I was still very young, I showed a great interest in music and began to make up a dream of becoming a famous singer. As time went by, I came to realize that my dream would not come true for there were strict conditions of being a singer, but I still took singing as my hobby. When I put all my emotions into singing a song, it gave me very pleasant feelings, and a sense of belonging. Besides, singing was also a good way to learn things that could not be easily found in books. This year, I'd like to learn a new instrument, guitar, because the most warm and fragrant thing in life, I assume, is sitting in the sunshine, listening to the Walkman, playing the guitar and singing together with the singer. I am a very quiet person and I'd like to overcome this weakness this year. During the last two years, I was afraid to ask teachers questions or offered my opinions during the group discussings. Hence, my views were always ignored. I do not want this kind of thing happens again, so, during this year, I'd like to speak out more frequently and let others hear my views clearly. I am patient and friendly towards everyone around me, so, when I hear someone speak ill of me behind my back, I will be irritated. Two years ago, the principle of VJC came to my secondary school and offered me a chance to enter this brilliant school. I was acknowledged that VJC could not only help me with my academic subjects but also provide numerous opportunities to develop my interests. However, I was still unwilling to leave my parents, and I was afraid of the unpredictable challenges I would face. Attracted by the advanced science and technology, I decided...
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