Introducing Myself

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When I look purposefully into the mirror I know what I see isn’t what others see. A random glance at my reflection or a candid photo lets me say, “Ah, there you are!” I am sabbir ahmed.My friends & my mom called me “Prottoy”.It’s my nick name. I am now 19years old. At present, I am studying in “EAST WEST UNIVERSITY “in BBA.Here I will provide both personal & formal information of me. So here we go. My background:

* My family: Basically my family is a nuclear family. Surprisingly it consists of only two members. Me and my mom. My father was passed away in 2006 when I read in class nine. His name was late mujibur rahmanmy. He was a freedom fighter. He fought a terrible fight against Pakistani soldiers in 1971.As recognition, he was rewarded “BIR PROTIC” before he gone. My mom’s name is nilufer rahman. She is a house-wife & world best mother. I think what I am totally be only belongs to her. Because she has lead my life with good culture, proper education, happiness, helpfulness & nobility. She always advises me when I fall into an unpleasant situation. She always is with me in well and woe.

* Origin: We are basically belongs to Dhaka. Same people can call us “dhakiea” in traditionally. Me and my mom lives Dhaka in manda which is near by the motijheel. Actually my father and mother both born in old Dhaka. So I have no native village as all my friends have. I have to spend my vacation like eid-ul-fiter or eid-ul-Azha on Dhaka. But it was totally deferent as Dhaka looks now. Busy, busy and busy. * Education journey :”Rising-sun kindergarten’ was my first school. I was only 3.5 years old. You may ask me why in an early age. But let me tell you than I was compared by anyone who reads in class two in study. After one year I admitted...
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