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Hobby is something that one likes to do in one's spare time. The Oxford Dictionary defines hobby as a favorite activity that a person does for pleasure and not as his or her regular business. In short, hobby is one's favorite pastime. Hobby is not an inborn inclination. It is developed through a constant and systematic process. The main purpose of a hobby is to derive pleasure out of it. It gives us mental and physical relaxation. While making a choice out of many ways of speeding our time, we ought to ensure that is restores our lost energy and cheers us up. There are a good number of hobbies. The hobby that fits our interest, nature and our budget would be the best.

There is hardly a person who does not have a hobby. Not only the educated but also the uneducated pursue one hobby or the other. Some of the common hobbies are reading books, painting, gardening, stamp collecting, coin-gathering, sewing, photography, writing letters to editors of newspapers, traveling etc. Selecting of hobby depends upon the time for hobbies. They become busy in shaping their careers. However, it is very important to develop a hobby. Some hobbies can improve our responsibility and discipline; can open up new vistas of knowledge, entertainment and careers. Reading books, painting, gardening, computer software development, graphics designing etc. are some such hobbies.

Through hobbies, we can improve our responsibility and discipline. The key to discipline in hobbies is to spend a little time deciding the level of expertise one desires in a hobby and then match the time commitment to the desire. Some can get obsessed and overdo the time commitment, to the detriment of other aspects of life. Keeping balance, even in hobbies, is important. A person needs all round development of his or her personality. Hobbies play an important role in developing one's personality. A person may become like a machine if he does his routine work throughout the day, so every person...
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