Self Assesment Report

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Executive Summary

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

The report explains the meaning of Personal Development planning and its importance in the life of a person. I explored my learning styles using activities done in tutorials. I came to know that I am a reflective learner.

Contents List

1.Introduction 2.Self Assessment Analysis

3.Learning Styles

4.Personal Development Planning (PDP)

5. Conclusion and recommendations 6

6.Reference List 7

7.Appendix 1 8

8.Appendix 2 9

9.Appendix 3 10


The report explains the meaning and importance of Personal Development Planning for a student of the university.

By writing this report i have understood the importance of PDP and various learning styles. All of my research was done using books and internet.

Self Assessment Analysis

Self assessment analysis is a process by which we come to know more about ourselves i.e what we can do and what we cannot. If it is done by a student then he will know properly about himself then he will focus on things in which he is weak and will be able to do things on his own which he might not be able 2 do earlier. It is used mostly by new users or learners to check their level.

Learning Styles

Honey and Mumford Questionnaire
In week 4 tutorial we were taught different ways of learning and different types of learner. After the tutorial we got to know about the best ways of learning for ourself.

I came to know that I am a reflective learner (Appendix 3)

VARK can be defined as:

V-visual study strategies

A-aural study strategies

R-reading study strategies

K-kinesthetic study strategies.

We did a questionnaire online which told me that I am kinaesthetic (Appendix 2)

A kinesthatic learner is a person who will remember through pictures etc, otherwise the they will not be able 2 remember

Personal Development Planning (PDP)

According to QAA” Personal development planning (PDP) helps learners reflect upon their own learning and achievement and plan for their personal, educational and career development.”. It is also called an IDP (individual development plan) or PEP (personal enterprise plan) .The process includes assessment of the present strength and weakness and the skills required to achieve a set goal . In the process an individual asks themselves some question i.e.

• What do I really want to achieve from life?
• What kind of person do I want to be?
• Are my personal goals and ambitions clear to me?
• Am I in charge of my life and my studies - or am I just hoping it all will work out somehow? 

A person should ask himself who he is. Once he knows who he is then he should think about his objectives , Then he should work on his self appraisal, Then he should set his personal objectives against self appraisal , Then he need to prepare an action plan, implement it and review everything .

Conclusions and Recommendations

I would like to conclude by saying that personal development planning (pdp) is very essential part of life, so everyone needs to focus on personal development .A person cannot be successful in life if...
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