Topics: Unconscious mind, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: November 22, 2010

Destini Bridgeman
Kaplan College

Instructor Brewer

Self-actualization is a part of our nature that helps us to become better people, by expanding our creativity, and making our experiences much more intense. It is usual for us to hear someone say that, "I quit. I cannot do this anymore." Some people do so because they are tired of what they are doing, and others may just give up on their dreams because of their own personality problem. It is not a good or healthy thing to do because in the end, people may regret for what they decided to do. They may feel unhappy or even depressed. As we can see, in the daily life we are living in, people always give up on their dreams very easily because of various problems such as not reaching self-actualization or in their streams of consciousness. A famous psychologist Abraham Maslow has a theory which is widely accepted by people. “According to Maslow, basic needs must be satisfied before we can focus on those that are more abstract” (Interpersonal Communication Everyday Encounters, 2010).Maslow came up with a pyramid that shows people have different levels of needs. Some of them are basic, and some are at a higher level. Our behavior of chasing the dreams can be understood. Maslow believed in the theory of self-actualization. “He was convinced that humans are capable of achieving high levels of intellectual and emotional existence, and he believed in human potential” (Self-Actualization, 11/08/2010). Maslow’s pyramid, a five-tiered structure, (Figure 1) represents a summary of this theory. Maslow states that in order for one to focus their attention on the ultimate goal at the apex of the pyramid, self-actualization, and one must first fulfill the needs at the subordinate levels. At the lowest level of the chart are the physiological needs, followed by the need for safety, the belongingness and love needs, the esteem needs, and finally culminating in...
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