Selection Purpose and Methods

Topics: Employment, Big Five personality traits, Aptitude Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Selection is the process of picking up individuals (out of the pool of job applicants) with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the organization. (Knowledge, skills and abilities as identified in the job describe). DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION:

Recruitment | Selection |
1. Recruitment refers to the process of identifying and encouraging prospective employees to apply for jobs.2. Recruitment is said to be positive in its approach as it seeks to attract as many candidates as possible.| 1. Selection is concerned with picking up the right candidates from a pool of applicants.2. Selection on the other hand is negative in its application in as much as it seeks to eliminate as many unqualified applicants as possible in order to identify the right candidates.| Function: Faulty in selection leads to wastage of time, money and spoils the environment of an organisation. Scientific selection and placement of personnel can go a long way stable work force, where it helps to reduce absenteeism and labour turnover at the same time very helpful in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise (Dessier,2005) There is no standards selection procedure to be used in organisation or for all job. The complexity of selection procedures increases with the level and responsibility of the position to be filled. Therefore, the strategy and method used for selecting employees varies from firm to firm and from on job to another.

PROCESS / STEPS IN SELECTION (suggested the following steps in selections process, not necessary to be implemented) 1. Preliminary Interview (Screening application): The purpose of preliminary interviews is basically to eliminate unqualified applications based on information supplied in application forms. The basic objective is to reject misfits. Application Form: It is a traditional and widely used device for collecting information from candidates. 2. Selection...
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