Managing Event Personnel

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Managing personnel in major sport event organizations: what strategies are required?

Human resource management can be defined as is the utilization of individuals to achieve company objectives. Managers need to coordinate and handle their workforce effectively. The management have to consider the rules and regulation that been set by the government, dealing with the work environment and last but not least dealing with the human attitude. Employee that is happy with their work and the workplace environment, acquire job securities and enjoy what they do, often boost company or organizations performance. In the event industry, the task in handling human resources is very unique and challenging. According to the article by Clare Hanlon from Event Management Journal (2006), the challenges can be set into 5 stages. The five stages are as follows; establishing an organizational structure, selecting personnel, inducting personnel, managing teams and also retaining personnel. 3 types or personnel

a) Paid personnel
Employee that is permanently involve in the event
b) Seasonal personnel
Employee that been hired as a part timer, seek extra income
c) Volunteer personnel
Voluntarily doing jobs for the event, supporting workforce
Establishing an Organizational Structure
In the early stage of organizing the sports event, it is recommended by Getz (1992), minimal organizational infrastructure is required. Each organizational structure must know their task and also each of them have different jobs to perform. As the time goes by the structure may be expand into other few small structure. This will help smooth their jobs. Selecting Personnel

Selecting personnel basically is to identify the right person for the right jobs according to their skills, experience and expertise. In this article they have list 5 strategies in the selection process of the employee. i) Selecting brief incorporating detailed job descriptions and linking requirements to the environmental demand (Slack,1997; Smith & Stewart,1999) ii) Recruit adequate pool of applicant or head hunting (Slack,1997;Finnegan,1997) iii) Interview candidate using behavioral questions (Slack,1997;Narasimha,2000) iv) Select employee base on their tender applications (Slack,1997) v) Evaluate the effectiveness and retention of the personnel (Barner,2000)

Inducting Personnel
The objective of induction as mention by (Nankervis, Crompton & McCarthy, 1996) to equip personnel with comprehensive information about the event, their task and responsibilities and motivate them to work. The induction process must be quick, timely and effective in order for personnel to be at their optimum level and performance (Hanlon & Cuskelly, 2002). Another example that frequently used by the organization is to distribute user-friendly staff manual. In the manual content comprises of information of the event, maps and also frequently ask question. By having manuals it will help the staff to consistently provide sufficient information to the people who are seek the answers.

Managing Teams
As mention earlier organizational structure may expand according to the needs of the situation. In order to manage teams that are required to perform any given task, the team leader must know their authority and the level of their responsibility necessary to make decision (Ancona et al, 1996). The managers of each structure are required to be facilitators to the teams. Constantly monitor and provide information to the team leader will help team execute their jobs more efficiently. As person in charge they must look out for any potential threats in the team. The conflict that may arise will result in poor performance of the team. Cited from Auld,1994, at the same time, being a member of a team can be threatening for some personnel. Example in the team may consist of paid personnel and volunteer personnel. Paid personnel may feel uncomfortable when volunteers give comments on paid...
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