Secondary School/Institute

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Secondary School / Institute

Practice shows that learning at secondary school and at an institute are two big differences, and I experienced it myself. When I was a pupil, we had lessons 5 times a week for 11 years, and in the end of each term final dictations and tests took place. There was much classwork and homework, and many of us, me in particular, knew this knowledge would be very beneficial for us in the future. However, it seems to me now that most pupils didn’t realize what they actually did there and why they should study at all. Besides, another distinctive feature of this type of education was teachers’ and parents’ responsibility for children, including much control at school and at home and regular parents’ meetings, where some issues were discussed. But all these aspects have not much to do with the institute life. Today I am called a second-year student, having lectures 6 times a week, and my staying here will last for the next 3 years only. Each of our terms ends in final examinations, and receiving scholarship depends on their results. As regards our everyday life, it’s as also quite rich with various tasks, though sometimes there’s a great deal to do and sometimes we have much leisure time. As compared with secondary school pupils, most students rather clearly understand the aim of their getting higher education, as they’re going to have a profession, the teaching one in our case. In fact, much can be said about both institutions’ pros and cons, but I must say I will never forget my school years, and my staying at the institute also promises to be enjoyable.
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