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Topics: Teacher, Public school, Private school Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: May 2, 2013
One step forward

We know that education is an important element in life; however, how that education is acquired, will determine your success in life: Some people have the chance in life to attend a public school, others to attend a private school, and others are given the chance to study abroad, like myself, but this process is not always easy. Nevertheless, as I was growing up and being exposed to different experiences and life perspectives, it created obstacles in my education, changing the idea of what was important and matter to me; being born in a Chinese family and born in Venezuela, and the chance to be exposed to the American culture help me to find what I truly wanted for my education and my future, and overcome the challenges that presented along the process. First, during my earlier ages, the idea that I had about education, it was way to prepare me to be successful and be financially confortable in the future, where happiness and personal interests wasn’t involved in the process; this resulted from the influence of my parents’ view of life and the quality education I was getting, affecting me later on in my education. Moreover, my parents are Chinese immigrants that left china during the 80’s to find better opportunity in Venezuela after struggling to survive the terribly economical condition at the time. They slowly went up in the economical status, which allowed me to go from a public school, where motivation to succeed wasn’t their main concern, to a private school, where I struggled to adapt to the higher standard and teaching quality, simply because my parent couldn’t afford to pay for a private school; for instance, I had difficulties comprehending some of the math material because I didn’t have a strong foundation for that level of math. However, in this private school is where I found the motivation and encouragement to keep going on my education and to be successful one day. Later, when the time came to decide what major to study,...
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