Sea World

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Sea World

Did you ever wish that something amazing would occur in your life, and when your wish is fulfilled, the outcome is better than you imagined? Well ,welcome to my stunning story about my adventurous trip to the Orlando's Sea World Water Park.....

The day begun just fine. I was ten years old and it was a few days after I arrived in Florida. It was summer, in the year 2009 and my cousins and I were very bored. Before I arrived in Florida, my aunt promised me that she would have taken me somewhere, but she wasn't sure where as yet. A few minutes later, my older cousin- Que wanner arrived from work, exclaiming that she got free tickets to Sea World. Hearing about it all the time and watching the advertisements on the television, I was really anxious!

“When are we going Que wanner?”, I asked, curiously. “How about we go now!” she replied. “Ye aah!” I screamed, ambivalently.

I ran to my closet and took out: a pink strapless top,white short shorts, my new swimsuit, my towels and my pink and white hi-top sneakers. After packing my bag, I scampered down the stairs. Everyone was ready except mom. She was having trouble with finding her swimsuit.

Five minutes later, we were on our way to Sea World. We laughed and sang until we arrived at the amazing place. I could smell the fresh aromatic scent of the fresh water-park as I stepped out of the car. I heard the birds chirping, a patter and the trees danced with the cool breeze. The first thing I saw, was a huge roller coaster extending over a small building in the sky, that seemed like a mini tower. The water park was colorful and everything was in order.

As we were about to enter the building, there was an anile lady shouting and she created a big scene in front of a group of men. I think she was a bit of a coquette. Anyways we continued to enter the park.

First, we visited the zoo. There were a lot of cameras flashing, as the different animals posed. We visited the tiger, the...
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