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Topics: Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Asia Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Chapter 2: Southeast Asia Questions
1. The combined effect of what 3 phenomena results in the islands of Southeast Asia being one of the wettest regions in the entire world? Equatorial location, pressure systems, tectonic activity 2. What became the most important crop in Southeast Asia due to its ability to thrive in the standing water brought by the monsoon rains? Who performs much of the work for this labor-intensive crop in this region? Rice, harvested mainly by women 3. Plate tectonic activity and the collision zones in the area resulted in mountain building and volcanic activity that have created thousands of islands that comprise which two Southeast Asian countries? Indonesia and Philippines 4. What river, Southeast Asia’s longest waterway, and is valuable for transportation/trade, irrigation, hydroelectricity, and fishing? Mekong River 5. Using Figure 2.7(b) on page 40, which four countries have contradictory claims over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea? Malaysia, China, Vietnam, &Philippines 6. The mining of what mineral resulted in the establishment of large Chinese communities throughout Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand? Tin 7. What line, running between the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok, marks the division between Eurasian animals and Australian animals where an ocean trench prevented these two different communities of species from mixing? Wallace's Line 8. Deforestation is described as Southeast Asia’s most significant region-wide environmental problem. Provide the negative impacts of deforestation seen in Southeast Asia. Loss of habitat to animals, and indigneous peoples. Increased pollution, and increased flooding, depletion of resources. 9. The monocultures of crops that were uniformly planted during the Green Revolution were extremely vulnerable to what types of devastating agents? Crop disease and pests 10. What kingdom conquered the Khmer Empire in the 14th century and...
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