History Final Exam

Topics: Cold War, World War II, Soviet Union Pages: 5 (894 words) Published: April 6, 2013
1. (TCO 1) Historical research involves four main tasks. Analyze refers to the task of (Points : 2) |        locating primary sources to learn the facts.
       asking questions like "Who created the source and why?"        analyzing all the available primary sources and judging which is the most accurate.        distributing the new findings to the world.

2. (TCO 2) The Big Three were (Points : 2) |
       Stalin, Eisenhower, and Churchill.
       Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini.
       Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Stalin.
       Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill.
3. (TCO 2) How did Churchill and Roosevelt give in to Stalin at the conference in Tehran in 1943? (Points : 2) |        They began a new naval campaign in the Mediterranean Sea.        The sent troops to help Soviet forces on the Eastern Front.        They let the borders in the Nazi-Soviet Pact stand.        They opened a second front against Germany in Western Europe.

4. (TCO 3) China's Communists finally won the long civil war under the leadership of (Points : 2) |        Mao Zedong.
       Kim Il Sung.
       Syngman Rhee.
       Chiang Kai-shek.
5. (TCO 3) What city was divided during the Cold War and became a hotspot for espionage and intrigue? (Points : 2) |        Paris.
6. (TCO 4) What was one reason for the rise in Japan's gross domestic product between 1950 and 1970? (Points : 2) |        The removal of protective tariffs.
       Its low military budget.
       The formation of the European community.
       Lack of serious damage during the war.
7. (TCO 5) Two Southeast Asian countries that gained independence in the 1950s are (Points : 2) |        Myanmar and Indonesia.
       Brunei and Singapore.
       Thailand and Indonesia.
       Malaysia and Myanmar.
8. (TCO 5) Bangladesh is (Points : 2) |
       home to thousands of Muslim radicals who fled Afghanistan.        the site of a long conflict with the Soviet Union and mujahedin rebels.        the former eastern part of Pakistan and one of the world's poorest nations.        a mountainous region with a small population.

9. (TCO 6) Most Muslims belong to this sect, accept orthodox Muslim theology and the traditional line of caliphs. They are predominant in Iraq. (Points : 2) |        Sunni Muslims.
       Shiite Muslims.
       Sufi Muslims.
       None of the above.
10. (TCO 6) Which Middle Eastern country is the site of the Kabbah, Islam's holiest site, and the world's largest oil producer? (Points : 2) |        Egypt.
       Saudi Arabia.
11. (TCO 7) In which of the following periods of Soviet history did the Soviet Union achieve superpower status? (Points : 2) |        1985-1992
12. (TCO 7) The only Eastern European country that had widespread bloodshed in 1989 was______. (Points : 2) |        Romania
13. (TCO 8) One reason that the United States invaded Iraq in 2003 was______. (Points : 2) |        Iraq was thought to have WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction)        Iraq had invaded Israel
       Iraq was home to al-Qaeda
       Iraq invaded Kuwait
14. (TCO 9) Match the terms in Column I with the descriptions in Column II. (Points : 12) |
Potential Matches: |
1 : dictator of Cuba from the 1930s to the early 1960s |
2 : manufacturing goods locally to replace imports |
3 : Nicaraguan guerrillas who fought against the Sandinista government | 4 : populist president of Argentina during the 1940s and 1950s | 5 : the native peoples of Latin America |
6 : belief that the Church should work for social reform |     Answer |
     : indigenous|
     : contras|
     : import substitution|
     : liberation theology|
     : Juan Peron|
     : Fulgencio Batista|
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