Korean War Notes

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To what extent do you think the Soviets were responsible for the North Korean attack in June 1950?

Stalin encouraged the North Korean president (Kim Il Sung) to invade South Korea in order to create a Korea that was led by him •The Soviets were in charge of Manchuria and the area around North Korea •Koreans were miserably treated by the Japanese during the Japanese invasion; the Koreans were made to work — by force •Japanese thought they were superior to the Koreans

When Mao came to power in China, the Americans believed that he’d be against the Soviets, similar to Tito. In reality though, Mao wanted to rule China exactly like Stalin — ruthlessly •The Soviets demonstrated their support to the Communist Party, making the North Koreans feel safer when it came to attacking South Korea. •South Koreans needed to secure the Pusan Port because that was where most of the aid came in through; North Koreans pushed the South Koreans all the way down oMcArthur strikes from above because the North Koreans stretched their support lines •“Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” — Lenin •http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a257096.pdf

Outline and background of the Korean War:

The Korean War 1950-1953


Korean had been Japanese colony since 1910-1945
Weren’t allowed to speak Korean, treated inferior
1945 big 3 decided at yalta korea would be partitioned at 38th parallel Vietnam at 17th parallel
Soviets occupied north, americans south


1948 north korea announces its independence, ‘democratic’ USSR left arms with communist Kim Il Sung

South Korea (ROK)

South korea announced independence as Republic of Korea
ROK led by Syngman Rhee (anti-communist); allied to USA


June 25th, 1950 North Korea crossed 38th parallel invaded south korea and seized seoul and pushed south to surround Pusan by September 14th

Truman and UN

Truman took issue to UN SecurityCouncil
USSR boycotted meeting because there was...
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