Scripts Presenting: the Basic Types of Modern Marketing Communications

Topics: Marketing, Types of marketing, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 10 (3765 words) Published: November 13, 2010
I. Introduction ( Huyen)
Good morning! Welcome to our presentation today!
Let me start by saying a few words introducing ourselves! We are group number 2, including Hoa, Yen, Nam, Duong, Tuan and I. My name is Huyen, on behalf of my team; I’d like to say that we are fully delighted to have the opportunity to give a talk to all of you- the most excellent students in this famous university! First of all, I want to give you a question: “Who has studied the subject: “International Marketing” in our class? Please put your hands up high if you have attended any kinds of marketing classes. Well, I can see that we don’t have anyone who has learnt this subject before…As you know, marketing is one of the most important subjects for economic students like us to deeply master. To provide you with some basic knowledge about marketing, we are going to talk to you about “The basic types of modern marketing communications”. Let me expand on “What marketing communications is” before we move on. Marketing communication is the subset of overall subject area known that marketing. Marketing communications are the messages and related media used to communicate with the media. Marketing communication is the “promotion” part of the marketing mix of the “Four Ps”: price, place, promotion and product. Each of the elements plays an integral role in the overall Marketing strategy. In this brief presentation, we will address 6 basics types of marketing communications that companies most select the most effective medium communication in order to reach their target market. So , we intend to breakdown our talk into 6 part first , Hoa will talk to you about sales promotion , then Yen will brief you on advertising, then we come to discover PR with Nam , after that we learn about direct marketing and E– marketing with Duong and Tuan , lastly I will finish our presentation with some outline of event – marketing. If you do have anything needed clarifying just don’t hesitate to raise you questions at the ends of our talk. Your ideas will be always welcomed. Now I won’t let you wait any longer! Hoa will start our talk with the first and most effective way to increase the sales of any products. Please, welcome Miss Hoang Le Hoa! II. Content

1. Sales Promotion ( Hoa)
Hello. My name is Hoàng Lê Hoa. As you know, the topic of our group today is “Marketing communications”. And I will tell you something about the first of them: Sales promotion. The reason we list it first is not only it is the most common to all of us but also because sales promotion is the most effective tools to increase sale of a particular commodity. Now, let us start with a simple question: If you go to the store to buy 2 notebooks, and the seller suggests that if you buy 3 of them, you will be given 1 more as a bonus, what will you do? Ok. Thank you very much! I think most people will do the same. This is an example of “Sales Promotion”. In fact, Sales promotion adopts short term, non-recurring methods to boost up sales in different ways. These offers are not available to the customers throughout the year. During festivals, end of the seasons, year ending and some other occasions these schemes are generally found in the market. This chart shows us the sales of FiviMart supermarkets in 2009. You may recognize that their sales ran up in November, which is known as the sales-off month in Vietnam, and decreased soon in December. To increase the sale of any product manufacturers or producers use different measures like sample, gift, bonus, and many more. These are known as tools or techniques or methods of sales promotion. Let us know more about some of the commonly used tools of sales promotion. (I) Free samples: You might have received free samples of shampoo, washing powder, coffee powder, etc. while purchasing various items from the market. Sometimes these free samples are also distributed by the shopkeeper even without...
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