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In today’s society, the way in which we physically

Dr. Andrew Hsu, an ex pert on touch screen
interact with electronic devices is changing how we focus technologies, states that “IR (infrared) screens are among the our technological research. This change has led to many most durable surfaces and can handle hostile environments, great advances, including the development of touch screen making them well suited for military applications”[3]. technology. Through the use of touch screen technology, the

Although we will not be focusing on the technology in terms
operator is given an alternative method of how he or she can of military applications, we can see that infrared touch interact with a device. This technology operates in three screen technologies, while being the most durable surfaces, distinct ways: resistive systems, capacitive systems, and are also quite possibly the most versatile. This versatility infrared systems. This paper will investigate, discuss, and comes from having two variant systems of infrared touch compare these different technologies, focusing on the

screen. The first system is similar to resistive systems, which differences in application, aspects of sustainability, as well will be discussed later, in that it consists of a two as the positive and negative qualities.

dimensional grid of infrared light.
In this technology, infrared LEDs (light emitting
Key Words – Capacitive, Infrared, Multi-Touch, Resistive, diodes) are arranged on opposite sides o f the unit underneath Sustainability, Touch Screens
the glass. The diodes project infrared light into sensors located directly across from them. The sensors read the INTRODUCTION:

strength of the beams, and “when a user makes contact with the screen, the system measures the drop in the sensor- Throughout the past century, technology has improved in output signal; this measurement allows the system to

many ways. The way in which humans interact with
compute the location o f the touch” [3]. This is to say that technology is one of the most important ways technology is when the finger touches the screen, the infrared beams are changing. By using touch screen technology, the user is able obstructed by the user’s finger; however, some light to manipulate a digital environment b y only the touch of continues to pass to the sensor. The sensors send the their finger, or another input device, on the screen. measurements of light to the operating system, which

Throughout this paper we will discuss the different
analyzes the data and recognizes where the user touched. technologies that make this possible: infrared, resistive, an d This technology has multi-touch capability because the capacitive touch screens, as well as their qualities in modern beams of light are never fully obstructed by the user’s touch. devices.

The second type of infrared system requires more
Touch screen technology first entered the public eye in
space than the first. This system is based upon internal 1971, with...
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