Sensors and Transducers

Topics: Pressure, Pressure measurement, Atmospheric pressure Pages: 322 (109103 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Sensors and Transducers

Sensors and Transducers
Third edition Ian R. Sinclair







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Preface to Third Edition Preface to First Edition Introduction 1 Strain and pressure 2 Position, direction, distance and motion 3 Light and associated radiation 4 Temperature sensors and thermal transducers 5 Sound, infrasound and ultrasound 6 Solids, liquids and gases 7 Environmental sensors 8 Other sensing methods 9 Instrumentation techniques 10 Switch principles 11 Switch mechanisms 12 Signal-carrying switches Appendix A: Suppliers of sensors and transducers Appendix B: Glossary of terms Index

vii ix xi 1 21 53 87 116 142 170 197 206 233 248 270 290 293 296

Preface to Third Edition

This third edition of Sensors and Transducers has been thoroughly revised to take account of the ever-increasing role of these components and of improvements in design. New tables of properties and illustrations have also been added. The topic of switches and switching actions has also been added because so many types of sensor are intended ultimately to provide a switching action. Ian Sinclair

Preface to First Edition

The purpose of this book is to explain and illustrate the use of sensors and transducers associated with electronic circuits. The steady spread of electronic circuits into all aspects of life, but particularly into all aspects of control technology, has greatly increased the importance of sensors which can detect, as electrical signals, changes in various physical quantities. In addition, the conversion by transducers of physical quantities into electronic signals and vice versa has become an important part of electronics. Because of this, the range of possible sensors and transducers is by now very large, and most textbooks that are concerned with the interfaces between electronic circuits and other devices tend to deal only with a few types of sensors for speci¢c purposes. In this book, you will ¢nd described a very large range of devices, some used industrially, some domestically, some employed in teaching to illustrate e¡ects, some used only in research laboratories. The important point is that the reader will ¢nd reference to a very wide range of devices, much more than it would be possible to present in a more specialized text. In addition, I have assumed that the physical principles of each sensor or transducer will not necessarily be familiar. To be useful, a book of this kind should be accessible to a wide range of users, and since the correct use of sensors and transducers often depends critically on an understanding of the physical...
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