Screaming Infedelities Analysis

Topics: Cheating, Infidelity, Sadness Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: March 28, 2013
The song screaming infidelities conveys the themes love, depression and betrayal. Love is the driving force behind the song as it is the characters love for his ex-girlfriend that leads to his sense of betrayal and depression. Betrayal is explored through constants repetition of screaming infidelities which is telling the audience how she cheated on him? Depression… Love is expressed throughout the song ‘screaming infidelities’ by dashboard confessional. Love is the constant driving force behind this song in which the protagonist expresses his rejection and depression due to the heartbreak and broken love he had for his girlfriend. In ‘screaming infidelities’ the theme betrayal is explored. The persona feels the ultimate betrayal by the hands of his girlfriend who committed an act of infidelity, this leading to the sense of loss, heartache and betrayal. ‘And when did your eyes begin to look fake?’ throughout the use of the rhetorical question the persona the situation whilst the adjective ‘fake’ highlights the betrayal (his girlfriend is who he thinks she was). Therefore, the song expresses how betrayed the protagonist felt about what his love had done to him. Another theme that has been explored throughout ‘Screaming Infidelities’ is depression. Depression plays a huge role in the song by showing how the protagonist suffers after his girlfriend. We can use the image of depression. History is what we wanted it to be is portrayed in the poem ‘Looking into the album’ where the poet has created an interpretation of the past. The writer has produce a standpoint that shows you that while looking at the photograph, showed the account that not all photographs shows joyfulness and happiness but rather many old and sad memories. ‘Looking into the album’ has shown bias, history and reality in the song his girlfriend gave the saddest song. In the song his girlfriend the saddest songs. History is what we wanted it to be is portrayed in the poem ‘Looking into the album’...
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