Scope Creep

Topics: Project management, Work breakdown structure, Definition Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: May 23, 2011
Scope Creep in the Project Management
By Raul Bernardino
Introduction: The importance part of project success and project deliverable are clear defining the project scope. In any project, the scope has to be defined in which to state what things that are include and exclude in the project. In the theory the scope should not be crept because it has to be defined in the very beginning of the project planning. However in the reality the scope is creeping according to the needs or change control in project life time. It also happen because not have a clear definition in the scope of the project. The scope is also describing all parameters that are involving or not involving in the projects. Some requirements to produce project scope statements are: project charter, preliminary project assessment, company or organizational internal procedure and policies that are relevant to the project, including experiences from the similar project in the past. In the progress of the implementation of the project, there are some parameters that need a change because of the project environment itself, not well distributing the scope statements to the right person or involving persons, the requirements are not well define, and communication gaps. These are among the thing that makes scope is creeping. How to avoid the scope creep in the project management? First of all is having a clear vision statement available to everyone as a project team member. In other word everyone is in the same page, how to deliver and achieve the project. This is helping to define the project scope as details as possible. The project manager has to communicate all information or scope statements to the project team members specially a person who is involving specific tasks that crucial to have in time. When the creeping scope in the project can be a good thing? When there are a few adjustments in the scope but still relevant to the initial scope of the project and most important is to make sure there...
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