Bis/220 Week 5 Summary

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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Week Five Reflection Summary
Cassie Kodie
John McGivney

Developing the right programs for a company’s needs can become a major project. Going into weeks 4 and 5, I did not realize how much work and detail went into planning, developing and implementing a software program. There is a team structure with a project manager and the involvement of the company utilizing the program can be very involved to no say at all. I learned that a scope is a list of features desired in a project. I gained knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The many phases of the SDLC are need, prototype, investigation, analysis, design, testing, operations, and maintenance, and finally implementing the system. The scope creep involves adding functions after the project has been initiated. I also learned that RAD stands for Rapid App Development and is an alternative to the traditional life cycle. At work we use a scope in planning our shut-downs in order to gain an outlook of work to be done. A scope can be used at home when you receive a tax return in order to allocate funds toward different family needs. Another topic team members have learned was why the data is transmitted from the high volume data and the way its transmitting microwave towers or satellites are used, these have very powerful and large wavelengths that can travel long distances. We also discovered we all use electronic communication every day, from text messaging to e-mail and other forms of web based electronic communication such as Skype.
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